Laurent is an ecologist (PhD thesis in 1990) and anthropologist (Master's degree in 2000). He is also deputy director of the CERPAM (Center for Pastoral Studies and Support for the French Mediterranean and Southern-Alps regions) in Manosque. In the course of his career, he has worked on the assessment of Mediterranean and Alpine rangeland grazing resources, on the methodology for natural fodders appraisal also considering animal behavior, and finally on the understanding and description of shepherds’ practices for dry grasslands management with both animal feeding and environmental concerns at stake. His work then moved on to two other aspects relevant for considering major changes now affecting the future of grazing livestock farming: i) adaptation to climate change though the diversification of grazing resources: coarse grasses, shrubs and tree foliage; ii) how to protect herds against wolves and how to assess the impact of predators on livestock farmlands. For many years, Laurent has been involved in the coordination of pastoral reference networks in French Mediterranean and Alpine regions.