INRA, now INRAE, created in 2016 a network of researchers belonging to several French research bodies interested in coadaptation processes of predators and humans in their territories.

By coadaptation we mean the various processes of adaptation of humans, and more specifically livestock farmers, when confronted with predators (wolves, bears, lynx, etc.), but also those of predators confronted with humans and their activities (livestock farming, hunting, hiking, forestry, etc.)

The main objective of the network is to facilitate the exchange and synthesis of scientific knowledge in France and internationally. We are also developing a multidisciplinary research program with contributions from local, national and international partners. We give priority investigating experiential knowledge, skills and practices, of people involved with livestock predation management at local and regional scales.

All the network's research has an applied focus, with the aim of:

  • Supporting all of the people involved in the various coadaptation processes
  • Fueling key public policy developments
  • Contributing to various forms of debate, from local to international


What can you find on this website?

COADAPHT’s website includes the presentation of the network and its members, as well as all their written resources, conference slideshows, sound and video.

Most of the resources are signed or co-signed by network researchers. Others are the work of researchers from the same research bodies, but who have now changed the subject of their research or retired.

Most of these researchers are specialists in agricultural systems, particularly grazing livestock systems, but also in agricultural and environmental public policies. Their analyses, the oldest of which date back to the mid-‘90s, often combine different points of view and disciplinary skills: from animal ecology to sociology and livestock systems science.

The numerous and diverse resources made available here are intended to make freely available a wide range of scientific works that have been on the topic by COADAPHT network’s researchers. They provide a basis for useful debates that help define public policies.

The list of resources will be updated by researchers themselves, as they produce new works.


The COADAPHT network is supported by ACT department of INRAE.